Vidrio de seguridad con capa interna
de policarbonato sicurTEC

      El incremento de la inseguridad requiere productos cada
vez más innovadores.
Nuestra larga experiencia nos permite ofrecer no sólo soluciones
estándar sino también soluciones especiales.
Los vidrios de seguridad  sicurTEC® se fabrican a medida para
el cliente ajustándose a todo tipo de necesidades y deseos.
Sin embargo  esta página web desempeña una función meramente
informativa y no puede reemplazar un asesoramiento personalizado.
Estaremos encantados de asesorle de manera competente y exhaustiva.

INFOS and NEWS from an about sicurTEC

EMO Hannover 18-23.9.2017  
  EMO 2017 in Hannover
18-23 September 2017, Hall 7, Booth A 25

Sporting a completely new look, amongst the worlds leading machine
tool manufacturers. The outward appearance with natural wood
LED walls and designer furnishings reflects the hand-crafted aspect
of our special glazing solutions “Made in Austria”.

The huge range of glazing on display, demonstrating the severe
impact of real-life, will be of particular interest to our visitors.
  sicurTEC sets new standards in burglar-resistant security glazing
for emergency escape doors with panic exit devices compliant
with EN 1627ff:2011.
New RC2, RC3 and RC4 – developments as regards optimisation
of thickness and weight as well as additional successful EN-tests carried out
at German test centres.
  An Austrian glazier magazine reports on sicurTEC special security glass products
which are manufactured in Lower Austria.
  Testing of the glass connection to the frames for burglar-resistant emergency
escape doors with panic latches compliant with European standard
EN 1627 ff:2011.
International system providers fit their doors with sicurTEC glazing.
  Suppose that 2500 kg of TNT
explode from a distance of only 49 metres...
tested by the German Federal Armed Forces,
a glazing product manufactured by sicurTEC meets the highest standards
of the blast-resistance class ER4-NS (non-spall) according to DIN EN 13541.
  Security glazing with polycarbonate core for maximum safety

In a technical article, the "GFF-journal" (specialist magazine for production
and installation) highlights the advantages and process technologies
of the handmade sicurTEC security glazing solutions.
  Galileo‘s HIGHSPEED HEROES at sicurTEC the 80 kg – blacksmith’s anvil...

Following the successful shoots as part of the GalileoExtreme series
a few years ago, in autumn 2015 the film crew wanted to put our glazing
products again to the test. That’s why they sent a physicist along with his
team to our production site in Lower Austria. This time the team took
some exciting high-speed shots of violent attacks, using a long-handled
5 kg hammer and pickaxe,
followed by an 80-kg anvil crashing onto the sicurTEC security glass
from a height of 6 metres.
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