• Multiple-element system on the basis
   of a special and exclusive production process
• Symmetric and asymmetric structures
• Protection windows with or without stainless steel frame
• LEXAN/MAKROLON stock of polycarbonate plates
   (thicknesses 2–15mm) as well as cuts
   in fixed measurements
• Toughened glass measuring from 2 to 15 mm
   machine side
• stainless steel frames, completely sealed,
   if requested (also two-part frames spot welded)
• The seal on the edges guarantees
   maximum protection from lubricants
• The products are designed for rotating windows
   (Rotoclear and Visiport) and also production
   of curved windows
• Individual solutions according
   to the clients’ needs
• In possession of all EN inspection certificates
• Constant improvements in collaboration
   with IWF Berlin and IFA St. Augustin



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