Not only is sicurLITE®-glazing tested to European standards
but it also proves itself day by day under the most challenging conditions
protecting properties during burglaries. No norms are followed in these
circumstances but long-handled axes, sledgehammers, cars, explosives
or firearms are used to attack specific areas of the glazing in order to create
an opening that is at least as big as your fist.

  sicherer   sicherer  

Polycarbonate has a 250-fold impact resistance compared to glass
of the same thickness. Fully laminated between two glass panes, the sheet
offers a much stronger composite than bullet-proof glass of the same resistance level.

In contrast to sicurLITE glazing,
conventional bullet-proof glass (laminated safety glass) stands no chance of withstanding the increasingly violent burglary techniques. More often than
not the glass is penetrated after 3 - 6 blows with a long-handled axe.

Although sicurLITE glazing with the extremely resistant polycarbonate core
can be damaged, it can neither be cut through nor penetrated. Strongman knows this from first-hand experience, too.

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