The particularly thin and light burglar-resistant sicurLITE® polycarbonate glazing provides superb mechanical anti-burglary protection. It can be utilized for properties prone to burglary such as jeweller’s shops, private houses, museums, ministries, embassies, penal institutions.

Despite the increasingly violent burglaries up to now all attempts at breaking the glass have failed as in practice delinquents are always inclined to target the same spot in order to destroy glass. With conventional bullet-proof glass they succeed after only a couple of blows.

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First of all, properties that are most likely to be burgled must be equipped with a mechanical security system consisting of burglar-resistant glass. In addition appropriate frame and locking systems ought to be installed. Subsequently electronic security devices giving a warning are to be added as a complementary form of security.

Ideally, the glazing should be protected against burglary in combination with our “sicurALARM-Schleife” (alarm-wire insert).

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