sicurTEC® specialises in the manufacture
of particularly thin and lightweight bullet-resistant
security glass with polycarbonate for the protection
of people. The glass with the suffix NS (no spall)
must feature a no-spalling (NS) protection on the
“safe side” (the opposite side to the threatened
side). For this application we select
scratch-resistant polycarbonate on the side
facing the room which guarantees that
there is no spall ejected.


For property protection only so-called S-glass (that means “spall allowed”) is equired, after a ballistic attack only a harmless amount of spall is likely to be ejected. 

The European standard EN 1063 uses a test method which classifies into 9 categories, calibre, resistance level etc. with regard to resistance against bullet attack and divides each level into S (spall) and NS (no spall).

sicurLITE® - ballistic-resistant glass polycarbonate laminates are extremely resistant. Compared to conventional bullet-proof glass they offer enormous advantages with regard to thickness, weight and neutral colour.


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