sicurTEC connects PYRANOVA®-fire protection glass directly
to polycarbonate and an additional glass pane. This results in a very thin
and lightweight monolithic special security glazing which combines fire protection
and attack resistance.

Fire-resistant glass does not provide protection against burglary or a ballistic attack. If both requirements are to be met, insulation glass laminate with an air gap is the answer to the problem. In this case on one side fire protection glass and on the other side the attack-resistant security glass is installed.

The following example based on the requirements of EI30 fire protection (for interior application), combined with a burglar-resistant P8B bullet-proof glass pane (with an air gap of 10 mm)and following a conventional design results in a thickness of 58 mm and a weight of 120 kg/m².

sicurLITE with fire protection in the form of a mono laminated glass
is significantly thinner and lighter.

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