Our company meets today’s challenges of multi-functionality
of ultra-thin and attack-resistant security glazing because all the following
requirements and modules can be combined with each other.

sicurLITE® ATTACK for property protection, indoors and outdoors,  in conformance
with the requirements of EN 356 as well as VdS Cologne. Highly burglary
and escape resistant laminated glass with polycarbonate core

sicurLITE® SLIM – ultra-thin and ultra-light burglary resistant laminated glass
with  polycarbonate core (property protection, predominantly
indoors, e.g. indoor display cases,  double windows)

sicurLITE® WK/RC-AP for burglary-resistant emergency exit doors
with anti-panic function, EN 1627 ff. Meets the requirements for WK2-, WK3-
and WK4-anti-panic as well as RC3-anti-panic emergency exit doors

sicurLITE® FIRE for the protection of people and property, fulfilling
the requirements as regards fire safety with attack resistance. Monolithic laminate
from Pyranova® fire safety glass with sicurlite® polycarbonate laminates

sicurLITE® ALARM for electronic protection of glass surfaces, single-pane
safety glass (ESG) with immediate burglar alarm function – alarm glazing certified
in conformance with VdS Cologne with the highest EMA-safety level „C“
(“Alarmspinne” - alarm-wire insert)

sicurLITE® BULLET for the protection of people in conformance with EN 1063.
Thinner, more bullet resistant, splinter-free (no-spall) laminated glass
with polycarbonate

sicurLITE® BLAST – blast-resistant  laminated glass with polycarbonate

sicurLITE® ISO – burglary and bullet-resistant thermal insulating laminated
glazing according to  WarmEdge-technology with TriSeal-SuperSpacer®

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