Alarm glass (so-called Alarmspinne or Alarmschleife – alarm wire insert)
incorporates an approx. 50 x 50 mm conductor loop, which is applied to the corner
of the inner surface of a thermally pre-stressed toughened glass, and reports a certain electrical resistance to the alarm control unit.

Alarm glass is an intruder detection system (IDS), that means an electronic alarm system of the highest safety level „C“.


In contrast to systems giving off an alarm in the case of glass breakage, which are installed in the room that is to be protected, sicurALARM is installed on the attack side. sicurALARM proves to be extraordinarily resistant and gives off an alarm immediately upon impact and only if the attack involves the destruction of glass as in this case cracks spread over the entire surface of the toughened glass.

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Taking into consideration a crack formation velocity of 1,500 metres per second, the intruder has only 0.0013 seconds from the first blow until the alarm is triggered.  

sicurALARM is the most effective, electronic external protection system
for attack-resistant security glazing, not only for the private but also for the business and public sector.

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